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Dryer Vent Cleaning in New Brighton, Mn

Dryer vent cleaning before and after.

MN Dryer Vent takes great pride in providing exceptional dryer vent cleaning services to New Brighton, Mn. 

As a locally owned and operated dryer vent cleaning business, we are deeply connected to the residents and homes in this community. Our team is dedicated to enhancing the safety and efficiency of each household we serve, making a positive impact on the overall well-being of the New Brighton community. 

At MN Dryer Vent, we bring a thorough and professional approach to dryer vent cleaning. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring that each home we visit not only receives a meticulous cleaning but also enjoys improved safety and efficiency.

With a commitment to excellence and a focus on local service, MN Dryer Vent is honored to contribute to the maintenance and safety of homes in New Brighton.

8 great reasons to have your dryer vent maintained:

Prevent fires with annual dryer vent cleaning
  • Reduces Fire Hazards
  • Eliminates Mold Issues
  • Saves Money
  • Saves Time
  • Increases Clothing Life
  • Decreases Energy Consumption
  • Prevents Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • Extends Dryer Life

When should I have my dryer and dryer vent cleaned?

You will need your dryer and dryer vents cleaned and serviced if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • If it’s been over 1 year since having it cleaned
  • If it has never been cleaned
  • Dryer itself is hot to the touch
  • If you have a flexible foil duct (These are dangerous!!!)
  • Dryer is taking multiple cycles to dry clothes
  • Burning smell while operating
  • If you notice lint on the ground or clogging up your exhaust vent outside
  • If you own multiple pets that shed
MN Dryer Vent
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Richard MaloneyRichard Maloney
14:57 13 Jul 24
We were so happy we had them come to clean our dryer vent. Been in our house for 10 years and this was the first time we had it cleaned. We don’t know if previous owners ever did it but we were amazed at what came out. Prevented a fire!!!!😊
Sonja HietSonja Hiet
15:35 12 Jul 24
Very professional, thorough and responsive.
Kenneth JonesKenneth Jones
21:22 11 Jul 24
On time, easy to work with, everything was clean before he left.
Annie BallantineAnnie Ballantine
21:16 11 Jul 24
MN Dryer Vent and Jason (the owner) were fantastic to work with! We had a horrible smell coming from our dryer, just before July 4th. They got us on the schedule asap and fearless Jason came out and cleaned our dryer vent, and found a dead mouse inside. He removed the mouse and replaced our broken dryer vent cover with a critter-proof version. I highly recommend Jason and MN Dryer Vent for all of your dryer vent cleaning and dryer vent repair needs. Jason is professional, courteous, and very tidy with his work. Thank you, Jason!
Steve CarnesSteve Carnes
12:34 01 Jul 24
MN Dryer Vent serviced our home in North Oaks, and we couldn't be more pleased. Jason took all the time he needed to get things completely taken care of. He showed us the ridiculous (and dangerous) way the previous owners had hung the dryer vent in the basement and showed us some places where there might have even been small fires. He took everything down and put it all up correctly. He was thorough and fully cleaned up when he was done. Thank you so much for your service!!
Jack StonerJack Stoner
17:19 28 Jun 24
Colin BurkeColin Burke
21:36 21 Jun 24
We had a disconnection in the dryer vent tubing in the wall. Jason fixed it up with some fresh ducting and a nice panel to replace the hole in the wall. He is efficient and a pleasure to work with. Thank you, Justin!
Mark EkbladMark Ekblad
14:45 16 Jun 24
Did great and quick cleaning of a difficult dryer vent. Cleaned up afterwards and left no trace of lint. Highly recommend!!
Anna SchlettyAnna Schletty
16:19 04 Jun 24
We had an excellent experience with MN Dryer Vent. We had our chimney inspected and received a report. We used the chimney sweep services and cap inspection too. Jason was very efficient and left everything clean, not only in the chimney, but in the room where our fireplace is too. We also had our dryer vent cleaned and inspected and repaired. We had a section of pipe that was dented in 3 areas so we had him replace it. Our dryer works SO much better now. Due to the lint buildup being removed we are operating now at twice the efficiency as we were before. He arrived on time and was very professional and skilled at his work. I highly recommend MN Dryer Vent.
Tami BriedingerTami Briedinger
22:40 03 Jun 24
Jason was great. Would highly recommend this company
Mona RiceMona Rice
22:13 28 May 24
Quick response and service.Jason was able to give me a quote and do the work and finished within 2 hours, replacing my dryer vent!!
Marcia CMarcia C
00:46 25 May 24
Jason was on time, thorough and methodically tackled many years of lint buildup in a dryer vent that was not easy to access. He patiently answered my many questions and completed the job on time too. I will definitely use MN Dryer Vent again!
Ann PradelAnn Pradel
23:28 23 May 24
Jason did a thorough inspection of the duct work which turned out not to be connected fully to the dryer - which is not good. He replaced a part of the duct that was not up to code and a fire hazard and replaced it so it can be fully accessed and cleaned from the outside vent. I am very happy with the work that he did. Thank you!
Alison JohnsonAlison Johnson
11:35 17 May 24
We have been dealing with a few different issues at our house lately and have had to have 4 different kinds of service people scheduled, MN Dryer Vents being one of them. Jason was by far the most responsive, showed up on time, exuded the most professionalism, and answered every question I had for him. Our energy company offers a repair service and when the tech came out I couldn't believe it when he said we would need a new dryer. Jason said to wait until he had a chance to check out the dryer vent. Our dryer vent spans from one side of our house to the other, it is not the easiest to clean. Jason got to work right away. He cleaned a lot of lint out of it and showed us with a camera how clean it was when he was finished. The contractor that had remodeled our laundry room had put the wrong kind of dryer vent on the back side of our dryer as well. That had created less airflow to the wall vent because it had to have an s curve in it to fit to the wall. Jason was able to put the correct product in to help get better air flow. Before cleaning the vents we were at 50% efficiency, after, we were back up to 100%! Guess what... Our dryer works fine, saving us $100's of dollars! Thank you MN Dryer Vent for your professionalism!
Jackie HeggeJackie Hegge
19:53 14 May 24
I was hesitant in hiring a dryer vent service for the house I just bought in White Bear Lake, as I know so many on social media are scam sites, but I lucked out and had a great experience with MN Dryer Vents. I thought I just needed my vent cleaned out, but I actually needed it rerouted altogether. (My home inspection report actually had that included also.) We are having Jason out next week to inspect our gas fireplace & chimney as well. I highly recommend them!
Jade BerryJade Berry
22:55 26 Apr 24
Quality quick service and very friendly!
Joseph NiewendorpJoseph Niewendorp
15:20 26 Apr 24
I was looking for a company to take a look at the old and very long dryer vent system at our home. On a whim, I saw their van and called the number. Could not have made a better decision. Jason very communicative, easy to work with, friendly, and professional. The price was in range that I expected it to be for a project of this size. If you are looking for a company that does solid work at a decent price, then go with Jason at MN Dryer Vent. It shows that he takes pride in his work. The project was a complicated one and the vent had to be redirected. We worked thru it and I’m very pleased with the end result. Definitely improved the functionality of our dryer. Highly recommend.
02:13 25 Apr 24
I called these guys my dryer vent became detached. They arrived right on time and were very knowledgeable when it came to fixing my issue.

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Other dryer vent services that may or may not be needed during your service:

  • Inspection: You will receive a free inspection of your entire system during your service call. We offer different levels of inspection based on information provided by the homeowner. It is also based on what our certified technicians determine what may be a problem or a safety issue. You and your family’s safety is our #1 concern.
  • Repair: During the inspection process, our certified technician will determine if anything within your system may need a repair. 
  • Reroute: A reroute will be suggested to the homeowner if the inspection process has determined the dryer cannot vent properly or safely.
  • Install: Our certified technicians can install your new vent in your new home, or install a new vent in your current home if your current vent is unsafe or not venting properly.
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