MN Dryer Vent

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If something is discovered during the inspection process, it will be presented to you, the homeowner. There are different levels of inspection we utilize for different situations.


With remodeling, and additions onto homes, the original route your dryer exhausted before, may not be working as efficiently as it should be. Maybe the length of pipe is too long? Maybe there are multiple, unnecessary elbows being used? Maybe you have slinky aluminum foil vent pipe? Or, maybe your dryer vent was never vented properly to begin with. These are all great reasons as to why your dryer may not be functioning properly.

During any reroute project, we will be using hard pipe when possible, securing the pipe with straps, and we will also maintain proper clearance to combustibles. Hard pipe is the most efficient way of venting your dryer exhaust, and it is the safest way to prevent CO2 poisoning. It is also the easiest to clean when that time comes in the future.